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Catchy title, isn't it?

- Beware, wall of text below -

Apparently, I'm lucid dreamer with some really messed up or just plain weird stories, especially when I finally crash after two days of continuous work, or a few kegs of beer, but I digress. :dummy:

So, in the dream, a few friends and I visited a fancy restaurant, it looked weird, like scaled up expect the tables. Immediately after arriving, I had to go to the toilet, so I asked my friends to wait upstairs. The toilet was just a pissoir and a sink hidden behind a curtain only a few metres from the tables. It covered little, so people kept staring, pointing at me, while whispering to each other. Having obvious difficulties, it took quite a while. After washing my hands, I went searching for my friends, but couldn't find them anywhere; I decided to go to the top floor. The stairs were getting narrower, and the people I came across stopped, and looked me with an admiring smile.

The stairway led to a long corridor with white floor, walls and no ceiling. At the end, there was screen, with a huge dance stage beneath, filled with casually dancing anthropomorphic sharks(!). The DJ noticed me stopped the music, and asked me to dance. I hesitated first - who the hell wouldn't? - but the the crowd started cheering, encouraging me to do so. The screen obscured most of me, except my lower legs and feet, though my silhouette was visible on the screen as an anthro shark.

And I started dancing like a madman ... so did the sharks. It turned out I was some sort of super celebrity among them. Lucky me.


My favourite dream, by far, was set in a post apocalyptic world, where Earth(?) was no longer rotating. People had to travel all the time to catch up with the thin threshold between the lethal cold and heat. Thing is, they didn't do it on foot, but on enormous trains, which were actually cities on rails, few dozen metered wide, but kilometres long. These cities were owned by a single company, spoke their own languages, etc, and even though they all travelled in the same direction, they rarely met, like once in a couple of years. When they actually did, people traded, shared goods, let inhabitants to migrate in some cases, or just laughed in their faces for being technically inferior.

The planet was a barren desert, with no mountains, as the strong winds eroded them, but my favourite part were the oceans; They were not made up by water, but poisonous, thick smoke, with ruined skyscrapers and wrecked cars on the bottom. Some people made a living by going down and bringing stuff up.

In the dream, I served as a rookie maintenance guy on an old, run-down train, where I had remove metal-eating 'coral' from the tailfin of the last wagon - I have no idea why does a wagon need a tailfin, probably for stabilisation - Funny thing is, that I had backgground knowledge of all the stuff, knew to remove those things. It was like watching an inverted version of Waterworld ...

As for commissions.

A strange - more like a bit annoying - thing started happening recently.
People ask about my availability on commissions, but once I reply them, they vanish. It happened to me before once in a while, but recently I came across several deviants doing this. I know people may find more talented artists in the last minute, realise that the my prices are high, or just get scared away by the time it takes me to get one picture done, which is why I ask for the money after finishing, but letting me know would be much appreciated. I'm not in desperate need for money, as this is just a hobby, and I won't throw myself off a bridge once I'm rejected, it's just ... communication, people. Try it sometime. It's a wonderful thing.

I don't know whether this is common or not, but I still find a little misleading. :shrug:


I have been always a huge fan of watercolour art. I simply adore its texture, colours, the gradients from diluted paint. As it is not often used for realistic artwork - which I'm not a huge fan of - like oil paint, and almost every painting very atmospheric, has a certain feel to it I don't know how to describe.
After seeing the wonderful tutorial from :iconbluekomadori:, that teaches you how the imitate watercolour in SAI, I went on and practise to achieve the same and hopefully create my own style. However, even though I got pretty quick and efficient at it, with the results getting better and better, I feel the only way to meet my ideas is through actually learning to paint with aquarelle. Sounds obvious, yes, but from someone who rarely draws on paper anymore and haven't held a paintbrush since elementary school, it is a bold one.

I have purchased some paint and a sketchbook specially made for watercolour. All I need to sit down on my ass and actually do it. I'm sure I won't be meeting Juanjo Guarnido's quality of art in a couple of decades, but everything I learn will come in handy, for digital work at least.

I'm afraid :dummy:

Now that was one long-ass entry.
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Tóth Dávid László
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hi there!

Name's David, a relatively new guy to this art thingy. I've picked up drawing as a hobby in 2010 and started taking art classes in 2012, in a hope to catch up with all those missed years. Currently, taking part in a two years long animation course, but I hope I'll get into an arts university one day.

People who inspire me:

Hungary Stamp by Kha00sPaint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed

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